Copy forms and paste materials.


Make stuff by comparing things.


Compare things as a way to make something new, while avoiding dichotomies like new/old, intellectual/artistic, valid/invalid, in/out. Other is better than in-between.


No hyphens.


Aim for conceptual clarity over virtuosity.


Work on how we work.


On the other hand, creative work isn’t a lesson. Dodge the reflex to burden projects with meaning.


(Imagination) = Real > Not Real 


Unlike a single issue voter, this isn't a single issue practice; the work won't fit into a tight narrative.


Start with an observation, use an existing model, reformat something, confront a circumstance. Change material.


Cynicism is too easy. The hardest work is believing in the best of other people.


Interest + Technique + Format


Intelligence, Susan Sontag argues, is really a kind of taste for ideas. It’s rare to have “good visual taste and good taste in people and taste in ideas.”


This list is provisional and editable.


Some things don’t require access to money or tools. Like plans. You can just think those.


Position forms around coherence, familiarity, arrangement, or abstraction. So far, droopy circles have been working out for us. They’re familiar, describable, immeasurable.


Queer, like form, is a nounverb.


More references, more footnotes.


Provisional > Fixed
Soft > Hard
Form > Shape
Abrupt > Transitional
Considered > Neglected
Back > Front
cheap = luxury

Tape > Glue
Alliance > Commitment


Architects always seem to feel undervalued by clients. Let’s start by valuing ourselves. Let’s support each other, build together, share, and pay each other right. Engagement is the new detachment.


Mistakes are interpretations.


Use more paper.