Column & Canopy
A cylinder supporting a circle on its edge is the geometric model used to assemble different paper products: bristol paper, newsprint, cardboard, and birch veneer. For each material, the model is constructred at two sizes and the circle is curled.The gravitational resistance of the material is documented at each size and compared.The models range from 1 inch to 4 feet in height; they comprise the first series of the project.

A second set of models duplicates the first set.This set, however, is constructed at the same height and is understood as a scale model of the first.

The two series are photographed then digitally modeled and rendered. The first series is scanned with a 3d scanner while the second is recon- structed from the original geometric model.The materials are substitut- ed by images of the materials: cardboard is geometrically modeled while veneer is replaced with wood logs.

Both series point at one another, as a kind of matrix ... As the series point towards each other, gravity becomes a stand in for truth, or the image of truth, depending on how one sees it. The images and models are mirrors.