Goings on

2019 04/09 
Family Dinner, a panel inside Petra Blaisses’s gold curtain at Harvard GSD as part of the awesomely student-run Queers in Design, was an incredible discussion on Queer Aesthetics. Thanks to Remus and crew for putting together a cool panel with David alongaside Laida Aguirre, Jaffer Kolb, Andrew Holder, Victor Jones, and Ellie Abrons.

2019 03/29 

2019 03/08 
1:2 Slump Model, an installation, opens at the Woodbury School of Architecture’s Wedge Gallery.

2019 01/21 
Groundbreaking, Yucatán.
Ziggurhut begins its ascent towards reality. We visit the progress.

2018 12/10 
Studio Final, SCI-Arc.
David wraps up the fall studio with a fantastic group of M.Arch 1 students. Here’s some of their work.
2018 12/07 
David and Mira Henry discuss the installation Rough Coat at SCI-Arc.

2018 11/19 
David’s lecture By Twos and Fives is at 5:45pm, Texas A&M College of Architecture.
2018 10/21 
Running a public workshop at MOCA Grand alongside the exhibition One Day at a Time: Manny Farber and Termite Art.
2018 09/20 
The Relative Size of Things on view as part of Roundhouse Platform's Sight Site, an “Excursion at the Escuela Libre de Architectura in Tijuana”. Organized by Brendan Shea and Noémie Despland-Lichtert.

2018 09/10 
Training Wheels fits across the cover of Project Issue Seven! Launch party 11/26 at Archinect Outpost, LA.

2018 06/30 
Site visit, Yucatán.
With elections coming up, we visit a land of giant cut-out political figures, panucho, Mayan ruins, and a demoed site. We learn about cisterns and cantilevered masonry construction.

2018 04/12 
Three Pigliettos on display at the Yale School of Architecture’s Tempietto Exemplum Show.

2018 03/28 
David interviews Jing Liu from SO-IL for the SCI-Arc Channel. We chat about the second phase of a practice, firm identity, and play.

2018 02/26 
The Drawing Show opens at the Yale School of Architecture. Curated by Dora Epstein-Jones and designed by First Office. On view are the videos Gravity’s Effects, The Relative Size of Things, and Five Scales Compared to Construction.

2018 02/23 
Archinect’s Anthony Morey interviews D.ESK for the Fellow Fellows series.

Justin Knight / Harvard GSD

2018 01/22 
Inscriptions: Architecture Before Speech opens at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Curated by K. Michael Hays and Andrew Holder. On view are drawings from Column & Canopy, Paperweight, and Training Wheels.

2017 10/19 
David interviews Oana Stanescu for the SCI-Arc Channel. We chat about firm names, collaboration, and constructing audiences.
2017 05/29 
David begins a five week residency at the MacDowell Colony. Now an alum of Adams Studio!

2017 06/01 
Now What? Published in Dimensions 30.
2017 04/30 
SCI-Arc’s Spring Show curated by David Eskenazi and Kristy Balliet.

2016 11/18 
Paper Space Oddities, a faculty conversation at SCI-Arc, with response by Anna Neimark.

2016 11/09 
Training Wheels mentioned in Kyle Miller’s “Before Theory” in
Teresa Stoppani, Giorgio Ponzo, and George Themistokleous’s book, This Thing Called Theory.

2016 10/14 
Participating in The Drawing Show at the Architecture and Design Museum. Three videos are on view and there’s a panel discussion on 11.04.
2016 10/11 
Presenting Scale Comparisons at the University of Pennsylvania for Nate Hume’s Visual Studies Symposium with Kelly Bair, Mickey Loverich, and Clark Thenhaus.
2016 08/01 
David signs on as Studio and Visual Studies faculty at SCI-Arc.

2016 03/21 
For the Trees opens as part of Fellow Fellows exhibition at the Taubman College Gallery with fellow fellows Ashley Bigham and Cyrus Peñarroyo.
2015 09/21 
Lecture intoduction for Jose Oubrerie at Carnegie Mellon.
2015 08/01 
Appointed Oberdick Fellow at the University of Michigan.

2015 05/22 
I’m Trying to Sell Someone’s Abstractions... Published in Pidgin Magazine Issue 19: Magic.

2015 05/16 
A Rendered Model of A Wheel featured at One Night Stand.
2015 04/24 
Training Wheels opens at OSU Banvard Gallery.
2015 04/24 
Some Students publish Some Questions Students Have Asked, Answered by an Emerging Practitioner Fellow in One:Twelve.

2015 04/08 
Fellowship Lecture: Big Things, Small Things, Round Things, Round Things at OSU.

2015 03/20 
Presenting The Full Scale Problem at ACSA 103 in Toronto.

2015 02/09 
An Odd Picture published in Project Issue 4.
2014 08/01 
Leading Actual Stuff workshop at OSU.
2014 08/01 
Appointed LeFevre Emergining Practitioner Fellow at the Ohio State University.

2014 07/02 
On Scale presented during UCLA Jumpstart.